Tuesday, April 16, 2013

That Night - repost from Facebook

Headed back to CT for the night. Blessed to be alive

I had finished mere minutes before the first explosion and was still right there (had just finished an interview at the finish line). I grabbed a post marathon water just before I heard the explosion. Once the second bomb went off everybody was running frantically (except the volunteers who guided everyone out safely, and the first responders charging towards the danger zone). I found my way out of the finish area and immediately checked in with my folks. Did what little I could by letting random phone less runners contact their loved ones

Safe and sound with my family now, and extremely grateful for the outpouring of support from my incredible family, friends, clients and colleagues. It means the world to me to see just how many of you reached out to me in every way imaginable

This event will NOT define Boston. The response of the first responders and BAA volunteers and the countless random people helping random people - THAT is what defines the great city of Boston, and the potential of the human race in general. Today and everyday I am proud of this city

Today we are all "All in For Boston"

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