Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Celebrates - repost from Facebook

Today's events should make it a little easier to put this behind me, to move on with life. I am blessed, truly blessed, to have escaped physically unscathed

I will never forget how powerless I felt after the second explosion; the overwhelming feeling of guilt that there was nothing I could do to help those less fortunate mere feet away, that I was a liability to myself and perhaps others as long as I remained nearby. I will never forget the roller coaster of emotions that the day and the week have been

I take consolation, and even pride, in most of what I saw this week. I saw a city I call home (still) stand together in one of its darkest hours. I saw thousands of strangers helping strangers with food, clothes, shelter, or even just a hug. I saw first responders risking everything (as they do time and time again) to protect and aid those who needed it, and today fighting for justice. I saw untrained volunteers, empowered by a unicorn on their back and their cities dire need, hold their ground in the midst of chaos and guide others to safety. I saw thousands contributing financially and emotionally to the recovery of those most deeply affected by the tragedy, some with direct ties to the suffering, others inspired just by the goodness in their hearts

What I saw was amazing. What I saw makes me proud: of the overall goodness of humanity, of my city (both Boston and Miami), of the Boston Marathon and the running community, and most importantly of the incredible people I know. I am honored and humbled by the outpouring of support by those I know and love to help me through this. Thank you all

For most people, it's over. There is nothing more to worry about, it's just another chapter closed

Not everyone can say that. Those who witnessed the horrors on Monday can finally start to move on with our lives. There is some closure, some peace, but there will always be pain. Most of us have a choice: with the love and support of those we hold close we can move on, we can choose not to be a victim OR the emotions, the horrors we witnessed, can stunt our growth, forever tainting who we are. For those who went through this with me, whether I know you or not, I share your pain and your sorrows. We are forever linked by this moment in history. We must look upon the strength and the support of the masses this past week and upon our loved ones: for there we will see the true character of our city, of our society. For there, we will find healing

Those who have suffered most can finally start to move on with their lives, but for them the fight has just begun. In the days, weeks and months that follow we must never forget them. Financially and emotionally, they have a long road ahead. They deserve the outpouring of support witnessed this past week to continue. Let us not forget their trials, and stand together with them as we have this past week


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