Saturday, December 15, 2012

Life is Precious - repost from Facebook after Newtown, CT tragedy

Life is precious. It is wonderful. It is delicate

Regardless of who we are or what we do, it is something we all share. While my thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by yesterdays tragedy in Connecticut, we as a nation and as the human race need to focus not on our anger and hatred over what happened there. It is not the first nor the last 'unthinkable' tragedy we will experience

Instead, let's focus on all of the wonderful things humanity has done. WE must decide, do we want the legacy of the human race to be its' atrocities? Or will we stand together, push each other forward, push the human race forward?

The silent majority must step up. As several schoolteachers demonstrated yesterday, we ALL have heroes within us. We ALL have the power to change someones life, to save someones life. Imagine this world if every last one of us made a vow to ourselves EACH day. Promised ourselves we would do something, no matter how 'little', to brighten someones day... Imagine the tears of joy. Imagine the billions of smiles. Imagine what it would be like

Then step back for a second: We are closer to that world than you believe. The MAJORITY of people do just that. Why then, do we focus on the negative? Like mosquitoes in stagnant water, our dwelling on that which is bad serves as its breeding ground. Evil prospers ONLY because we allow it to

For all those who have touched my life in a positive way, many of you more so than you will ever know - I thank you. It is all of you, who each in their own way has been my hero, my light... it is all of you that have made me into the man I have become. It was and is your strength, your love and your positivity which has brought me so far in life. Without ALL of you, I would not be here today

For all whom I have touched - I only wish there was more I could do! I hope and I pray, that through my life, I can bring as much light into your lives, as you all have into mine. I will do whatever it takes to make the world a better place. I will not succumb to the fears that saturate our lives. I will stand strong, and I will humbly bear the torch I have been blessed with. That will be my legacy

To all of my facebook friends - my family, my close friends and even those of you whom I barely know - I ask you to make this promise: Don't dwell on the horrors that happened already. Focus instead on how you can bring light back into the lives of the survivors, how you can make the world a better place. Focus on bringing out your inner hero, on finding your way to make your mark on the human race. We all have that power, and now more than ever, we all need each other